do you ever consider the super permanent mark you leave on other people and their lives

i know it sounds dumb and clichéd but do you think about it do you

everyone you’ve ever been close to you’re part of their history you’re imprinted there no matter what they say or think or feel you’re going to be a part of them and their lives forever and there are people that will spend just as much time thinking about you as you spend thinking about other people isn’t that mental there are people that are obsessed with you there are people that love your company that go out of their way to spend time with you they’ll go down a different hallway or take an entirely different route just so they can maybe run into you they’ll think about you and grin ok something you said or something you did can determine how they’ll feel the entire day there are people that will spend literal years worrying and wondering about some little inconsequential thing you said to them one day and it will always be there for them to dwell on there are songs and places and scents and tastes that will remind them of you you are ingrained in their memory and in their life forever forever forever

(via feministmoonbeam)